Secure Your Decentralized,
IoT-Driven Network


Safeguard Your Dispersed Workforce From Escalating Security Threats

As new types of devices are flooding into our environments, networking and security teams struggle to keep up. They need to understand which devices should be on the network and what they should access. The slow and somewhat predictable era of workstations and laptops has exploded into a dizzying array of Internet of Things (IoT) devices being connected to the network—often without the knowledge and oversight of either IT or security.

On the other hand, security threats are evolving and expanding constantly. The pandemic has seen cybercriminals exploit the dramatically increased workload on IT and security teams by launching enterprise-level ransomware, crypto-mining, and Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Today’s network environment and threat landscape require a different approach.

The perimeter-centric network security of the past was not designed for today’s mobile workforce or emerging IoT devices.

Can your existing network security architecture:

  • Provide differentiated access based on user, device type, application, and location?
  • Identify, authenticate, and validate every user, device, and application based on IT policies?
  • Enable compelling on-site and remote work and guest experiences?

Secure Your Digital Enterprise With Aruba Zero Trust Security

Today, businesses need to take a fresh approach to network architecture – with a modern architecture supporting diverse endpoints, connected and combined with context to enable and protect devices and staff.

Aruba ESP with Zero Trust Security provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that span visibility, control, and enforcement to address the requirements of a decentralized, IoT-driven network infrastructure.

Comprehensive visibility

Profile devices dynamically as they connect, providing IT with valuable information that can be used within policies and for troubleshooting

Enhanced authentication

Detect the full spectrum of devices connected or attempting to connect to the network with a combination of active and passive discovery and profiling techniques

Role-based access control

Manage secure enterprise mobility from a single platform regardless of access method: wired, wireless or VPN

Continuous monitoring

Enforce granular segmentation, ongoing monitoring of users and devices on the network with role-based access control. Built-in policy services deliver where legacy AAA solutions fail

Enforcement and response

Address risks related to insider threats, advanced malware, or persistent threats that have circumvented traditional perimeter defenses

Get Full-Spectrum Visibility and Identification of Network Connected Devices

The boundaries of ITs domain now extend beyond the four walls of a business. And the goal for organizations is to provide anytime, anywhere connectivity without sacrificing security. Find out how Aruba ClearPass, a core component of Aruba Zero Trust Solution, helps IT maintain visibility and control without impacting the business and user experience.