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A Superior Network Infrastructure Is a Must in the New Normal

The IT ecosystem is changing. Today’s technology leaders must oversee a department that supports more customers, remote workers, BYOD policies, and IoT devices. They must also deliver cloud, video, collaboration, and other bandwidth-hungry apps that today’s users crave. Supporting these new technologies and the demands of modern users is crushing today’s networks.

To offer the best user experience, IT leaders need a modern networking infrastructure that successfully delivers these latest technology advances no matter the location or device.

Does your existing network infrastructure:

  • Meet the challenges of the secure smart office and BYOD?
  • Provide reliable access and meet today’s lofty user expectations consistently?
  • Enable compelling on-site and remote work and guest experiences?

Tackle Complexity, Performance, and Cost With Aruba Unified Infrastructure

In most organizations, infrastructure complexity and downtime lead to productivity and user experience concerns. Aruba’s Unified Infrastructure—a crucial part of Aruba ESP—solves this from wireless to WAN, branch to data center, and campus to cloud.

Improve IT efficiency

Get a cloud-native single pane of glass for WLAN, LAN, and SD-WAN operations across campus, branch, remote worker, and data center locations

Optimize user experience

Benefit from AI-powered insights that find and fix issues before the business is impacted

Simplify and strengthen security

Implement policies that are easily deployed and enforced across all network domains

Right-size costs

Enjoy flexible deployment models that supplement existing IT resources and preserve budgets

Accelerate innovation

Gain extensibility by easily integrating with existing Aruba and third-party infrastructure

Create Engaging Network and User Experiences

User experience, whether employee, guest, customer, or student, impacts an organization’s success. IT leaders continuously need to improve customer-facing technology, enhance the working environment, and plan for the future. To deliver the experiences modern users demand, IT leaders need a modern network.

Aruba Central: A Single Pane of Glass

Aruba AIOps is delivered via Aruba Central, our centralized command center, including unified management and security visibility for wired, wireless, remote working, and SD-WAN operations. Designed using a modern web-scale architecture that includes microservices, containerization, and a common data lake, Aruba Central makes it easy to view and act upon AI-powered user and networking analytics from a single pane of glass.

Get a single pane of glass to manage network configurations, device inventory, security policies, and site installations for any large or small location.