Power Your IT Network With Artificial Intelligence


Network Transformation Is Critical for Digital Success

Modern networking infrastructure is too complicated due to increased network size, traffic volume, and diversity of devices and applications. IDC predicts that within the next two years, more than 50% of data will be generated outside the data center or cloud¹, likely coming from the estimated 55 billion IoT devices connected worldwide. Businesses could combine this data with new applications at the Edge to improve operational efficiencies and create new revenue streams.

Today's networks are bound by human scale. They are only as agile and effective as the people who manage them. Manually configuring these networks has become time-consuming, error-prone, and difficult to keep up with the explosion of IoT devices and distributed connectivity from the remote Edge to the branch, campus, and datacenter.

Does your existing network operations approach:

  • Make life easier for network admins by reducing trouble tickets?
  • Ensure SLAs deliver world-class user experiences?
  • Resolve connectivity problems using automated root cause analysis, precise recommendations, and remediation?

Deliver the Best Possible User Experience and Business Outcomes With Aruba AIOps

Aruba AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT operations) uses AI and machine learning (ML), combined with 360° network and user-centric telemetry data capabilities that focus on revealing network issues before users notice them. This helps IT move faster and ensure that users’ service level expectations and devices on the network are met.

Aruba provides the five critical elements for AI success:

  • Access to the volume and variety of data needed to train the models
  • Domain expertise to know which problems to attack
  • Data science expertise to match the right technology with the right problem
  • Years of customer validation of AI operating in live environments
  • The ability to scale to any size organization

AI + Automation = AIOps You Can Rely On

IT needs to simplify and accelerate everyday management tasks to keep up with non-stop adds, moves, and network changes. Automation is key to deploying new user-facing services faster while reducing the risk of errors that lead to unexpected downtime or service degradations.

With Aruba AIOps, IT can reduce trouble tickets, ensure SLAs are met, and deliver the best possible experience for users. The volume and variety of data, unique peer comparisons ability, and Aruba’s decades of domain expertise and data modeling experience mean Aruba AI Insights can be deployed confidently.


Eliminate manual troubleshooting and reduces mean time to resolution by up to 90%


Reduce trouble tickets by identifying issues before they impact the business


Increase network utilization as much as 25% using per site and peer-based configuration optimization


Provide precise data-driven insights and recommendations with greater than 95% accuracy

Network Configuration and Operations Made Simple With Aruba Central

Aruba AIOps is delivered via Aruba Central, our centralized command center, including unified management and security visibility for wired, wireless, remote working, and SD-WAN operations. Designed using a modern web-scale architecture that includes microservices, containerization, and a common data lake, Aruba Central makes it easy to view and act upon AI-powered user and networking analytics from a single pane of glass.

Get a single pane of glass to manage network configurations, device inventory, security policies, and site installations for any large or small location.